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In today’s digital world, online reviews can make or break a business. They serve as critical reference points for potential customers who may be interested in engaging with a company. Good reviews can help build a sense of trustworthiness that can lead to increased customer traffic and sales. However, not all businesses are able to organically accrue positive reviews, leading some to resort to purchasing reviews on platforms such as Sitejabber.

The Pros of Purchasing Sitejabber Reviews

For some businesses, the need for a customer base and positive reviews may be urgent. In such cases, purchasing reviews on Sitejabber can provide benefits such as instant credibility, more rapid business growth, and greater exposure.

Instant credibility is a major advantage of purchasing Sitejabber reviews. Businesses receiving high ratings from customers are seen as more trustworthy, and this trustworthiness can be an excellent enticement for customers to buy a company’s products or services. More reviews equal more traffic to a business, as site visitors are inclined to refer to reviews first before making a purchase. This will help companies boost their sales, which is an incredibly effective business strategy.

The Cons of Purchasing Sitejabber Reviews

While there may be many reasons a business chooses to purchase reviews on Sitejabber, there are ethical concerns that need to be addressed. Firstly, it is an illegal marketing tactic in many countries globally. Purchasing Sitejabber reviews can break local laws, and if you are caught, you can face legal consequences. Not to mention, fraudulent behavior can negatively impact your brand’s reputation.

Another con of purchasing Sitejabber reviews is the risk of exposing one’s business. Reviews can be purchased from a variety of sources, and it is difficult to verify whether those reviews are genuine or not. Consequently, there is a chance that a company could be flagged or exposed, leading to both legal and reputational harm.

Lastly, purchasing reviews can potentially harm a company’s brand. Even though buying reviews can boost credibility in the short term, if a business is caught doing so, it can permanently damage its reputation, leading to long-term loss of trust from potential customers.

Can Purchasing Reviews Help Ranking?

One appeal of purchasing Sitejabber reviews is that it has the potential to improve your ranking, depending on the positive reviews that the business has received. However, this is not always the case. Google can easily detect fake reviews, which can lead to the removal of the review or the suspension of your account.

How Does Sitejabber Ensure Review Authenticity?

Sitejabber has made every effort to ensure that businesses receive quality and honest reviews. They verify that all reviews come directly from the customers who have purchased products or services from the business. As a result, businesses receive the best and the most honest reviews from their customers. Honest reviews have the advantage of improving your business, whereas fake reviews can only create a temporary lift for your credibility.

Alternatives to Purchasing Sitejabber Reviews

There are alternatives for businesses that do not want to succumb to purchasing reviews. The first is providing good products and services. It’s essential to keep providing high-quality products and services to your customers to encourage positive reviews. Secondly, encouraging customers to leave honest reviews is important. Responding to reviews, regardless of if they are good or poor, with equal respect, will enhance the credibility of the business. Lastly, using digital marketing strategies, such as email automation or social media paid advertising, can make it easier for customers to leave a review. This will allow the company to efficiently increase its rating and number of reviews organically.


Authentic reviews are critical for the success of businesses, as they establish trust with potential customers. Even though purchasing Sitejabber reviews seems like an effective business strategy in the short term, it is not risk-free. Not only is it illegal, but fraudulent behavior could tarnish a company’s reputation. Providing high-quality products and services, encouraging honest reviews, and responding to feedback from customers should be emphasized to guarantee the credibility of the business.


Can you get in trouble for buying reviews on Sitejabber?

Yes, you can. Creating fake reviews is illegal in most countries, and there can be severe legal and reputational consequences for businesses caught purchasing reviews online.

How does Sitejabber monitor fake reviews?

Sitejabber has implemented a sophisticated review verification process to ensure the authenticity of reviews. They regularly monitor reviews and employ specific tools to detect irregular patterns linked to duplicate reviews or activity to make sure that their review platform is not vulnerable to fake and fraudulent reviews.

What is the penalty for purchasing reviews?

The penalty for buying reviews can range from the removal of the review to legal action taken against the company that illegitimately obtained those reviews. The severity of the penalty might vary depending on various factors such as the region and the extent of the damage caused by the unlawful act.

Are there any benefits of purchasing reviews?

Although purchasing reviews can offer instant credibility and create a sense of trustworthiness, it is still a risky business strategy. Purchased reviews may not accurately reflect a company’s performance, and in some instances, it could negatively impact its existing reputation.

How can businesses encourage authentic reviews instead of buying them?

Encouraging good customer service and quality products and services can entice customers to write honest and authentic reviews. Furthermore, businesses can incentivize customers to leave reviews by providing discounts or free giveaways for leaving a review on the product or service.

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